Die cut forms

We have die cut forms for the following boxes (among others) at our disposal. We will be happy to provide samples of these boxes for your testing.

For many boxes (transport boxes with flaps, inserts) we do not need any die cut form for production.

For any other die cut box a new form can be produced (costs of about 50 to 400 Eur).

Fefco 0421 310x215x60 mm, E-wave:

Fefco 0421, 385x235x100 mm, B-wave:

Gift box Fefco 0427, 390x220x45 mm, E-wave:

Fefco 0215, E-wave:

  • 0,5l 65x65x310 mm with fixation:

  • 0,25l 53,5×53,5×250 mm:

Fefco 0427, 275x85x85 mm, B-wave:

Fefco 0427, 210x170x45 mm:

FEFCO 0427, 370x275x55 mm, E-wave:

Gift box bottom + lid 190x65x40 mm,  E-wave:


Die-cut box with lid, FEFCO 0427 321x180x73 mm, E-wave:

Die-cut box with lid 400x 270x35mm, E-wave:

Die-cut box with lid 310x220x50 mm, E-wave:

Gift box with windows 133x81x245,5 mm, E-wave:

Box with lid 95x95x50 mm, solid board 350 gsm: 

Box for sweets 270x180x80 mm, solid board 350 gsm: