Photo gallery - some of our products

A few of the boxes we have produced can be found on the following photos. We can deliver many more different types of packaging. Just send us an inquiry at and we will prepare an offer according to your requirements.

Gift box with lid and insert – Fefco 0427 (321x180x73 mm):

Box with lid and insert – altered Fefco 0427 (400x270x35 mm):

Box with lid – altered Fefco 0427 310x220x50 mm:

Narrow solid boxes FEFCO 0201 680x140x120 mm:

Flat boxes for paintings (FEFCO 0300):

FEFCO 0201 for various combinations:

outer dimension 400x100x300 mm  single wall corrugated board

outer dimension 200x200x150 mm single wall corrugated board

inner dimension 600x400x400 mm double wall corrugated board:


FEFCO 0201 for 6 wine bottles, 234x156x300 mm:

FEFCO 0310, 1995x1100x1000 mm:

FEFCO 0421 – die cut box for a note paper block,  95x95x50 mm:

FEFCO 0300 – bottom + lid:

Gift box, 133  x 82 x 245,5 mm:

Protection for doors, 2000x45x127,5 mm:

FEFCO 0201 from single-wall corrugated board:

FEFCO 0201 from double wall corrugated board, suitable for packaging of heavy objects, 150x150x300 mm:

FEFCO 0201, 385x260x278 mm:

FEFCO 0410, 820x320x90 mm:

FEFCO 0410, 800x500x140 mm: